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23rd April 2008

7:19pm: Writer's Block: Define Cheater
What is your definition of cheating?

If you wouldn't do it while your bf/gf/spouse was watching, if you only do it when they are not there or don't know about it, then it is cheating. You know when you are doing something you shouldn't be doing, if you really thought it was okay you would do it openly. Whatever it is. Some relationships the couple have agreements, they are okay with a lot more than other couples are. Some relationships everything is cheating. Most are probobly somewhere in the middle. The deffintion of cheating is unique to each relationship.

(By the way, I can post but I still can't read anyone elses posts. LJ support still hasn't responded to my email either. So for the most part I am now using MySpace. About once a day I try again to see if I can get to my friends page or my profile but I still can't.)

20th April 2008

8:26pm: LJ not working for me
I havn't been able to check my friends page or even go to my profile for a while now. I was able to click on the support page and sent an email about this to LJ but haven't gotten any response. It seems I can get to the page to post an entry but still can't see if anyone else has posted anything.
I am giving up on LJ for now. Anyone here who wants to talk to me, look me up on Myspace. http://www.myspace.com/aprilaries1976
Current Mood: annoyed

2nd April 2008

8:39pm: 41 words

Speed test

23rd March 2008

8:56pm: Diet again
Okay, on the diet again. I have had trouble with sticking to it long term, I keep gaining the wieght back either due to holidays or bad moods and stuff. I made a couple of changes to the diet just to experiment with something different. I am taking Hoodia every day and Saturday I started having a large breakfast and small lunch and little to no dinner. With a light snack at some point in the day. It is a big change since normally I will have little or no breakfast, normal lunch, and large dinner. I started doing this on the weekend to ease myself into it because on the weekdays I will have to get up very early to cook a large breakfast for myself and my family. (My husband agreed to go along with the big breakfast and little to no dinner idea, at least to give it a try.) We are having foods we would normally eat for dinner at breakfast and vice versa. In theory I will have more energy and burn more calories throughout the day this way, we will see. Wish me luck! again. ;)
Current Mood: optimistic

18th March 2008

12:57pm: Bad dream
I dreamed I was a lion trainer. There was a lion I had trained for the "Lion King" movie, it was starting to act strange and defiant. It just ignored me when I was trying to get it to do the things I had trained it to, which was very unusual and worried me. I went to talk to someone, letting them know that we can't work with this lion anymore. I told them that a few years ago I worked with another lion that started to act the same way right before it attacked and killed some people that I worked with. They got right on finding someone to take the lion to a zoo or somewhere else. The quickly found someone to take the lion away. Then my sister was there, asking me if I had seen my nephew. I said, "No. Don't you know where he is or who he is with?" and she said that she thought he was with her husband but now she isn't sure and her husband hasn't come home. I told her that I thought that I had just seen my nephew with my step son a few hours ago, and that they were near the room the lion was in. We ran to check the lions area, worried that maybe they had gone into the lions room and been attacked. We got to the lion room and called someone in to look for blood or any sign that a child might have been attacked in the room. The started looking under ultra violet light and found some traces of blood in the room. I said well, the flaw with that theory is..." and was interrupted by my step son's voice saying, "The problem with that theory is that _____ (my nephew), wasn't with me." We looked up and saw my step son standing there with another small child that was just a little older than my nephew. I added, "And, the blood would be all over, not just dry spots of old blood." So we decided that my nephew must not have been there at all and he must still be with my brother in law. my sister said that last time she talked to her husband, he said he was on I-25 and he hasn't answered the phone since then. It was hours ago. I asked her where he was trying to go on I-25 and she said she didn't know. She said that the two of them had an argument the day before and he hadn't been speaking to her very much. I told her that he must have kidnapped my nephew because he was afraid that he wouldn't get custody or visitation in a divorce. We started to look for him in the car and then realized that if had told her he was on I-25 and he didn't want her to find him, he must have lied about where he was. We decided we should try to get cell phone records to find out where he was calling from. I suggested we go to the police. Then my Granddad was there and said "I was going to say the same thing. You should have gone to the police right away, not waited so long." So we started heading to the police department. That was all I can remember of the dream, I think I woke up at that point. Except that at some point in the dream we talked to my mom who was in the hospital, but I don't remember exactly where that fit into the dream.

14th March 2008

10:29am: Two seperate deams
The first dream: I saw a carrier ship in either the Red Sea or Mediteranian sea, docked near where Egypt meets the Middle East. A man was standing on the land looking very upset. He said "This ship was not meant to be bringing back bodies to thier families." I then had the feeling that the ship was full of dead soldiers. I wanted to find out how this happened but I woke up.

The second dream: I was at the zoo. Though it didn't look like the zoo I go to, it had a whale tank and show tank, our zoo doesn't have that. I saw something red in the distance and couldn't make out what it was at first. Everyone started to stare at it. There were a lot of tall buildings in the distance and we figured out that the red thing was one of the buildings. It then just crumbled, a lot like the twin towers on 9/11 except that it looked like it had just glown red with heat first and then fell. Everyone decided they should leave the zoo and head home. Of course this caused a lot of traffic and it was difficult to drive very far. I started to notice a lot of other things and buildings glowing red and I was very worried that I was not safe where I was but I couldn't get through traffic to go anywhere.

26th February 2008

10:14am: Dreams
I had several strange dreams, what's new?
One of my dreams was, the phone rang and I answered it. Some telemarketer sounding woman on the other end said we had won a contest. I asked her what it was, I was skeptical. She said that we had won CAT Scans for the entire family, absolutly free! I told her I didn't enter a contest for free CAT Scans. She said she had a list of winners and our name was on it. I told her we don't need CAT Scans, we are all healthy. She asked me to hold while she checked her information. I held on the line for a while, thinking about hanging up. She got back on the phone and said that she is not sure how we got on the winners list, but we were on it and could get the CAT Scans if we went to the doctor office. She was about to tell me how to get there but I just told her that we do not need CAT Scans, and hung up.
Wierd huh?

I also dreamed I was with my husband at a grocery store and there was a case with a chocolate covered Cheese Cake. My husband said, "Ohhhh, that looks good!" and started to eat it. I got a couple of forks and started to eat it with him. A friend of mine, (who is in awesome shape and training for a triathlon), walked over. I was soooo embarassed to be eating the Cheese cake. I tried to hide it, and swallow what I had in my mouth so she wouldn't notice. I said hi to her and she said hi back. I then noticed that she had a couple of sharp knives stuck in the top of her left leg. I asked her about them and she said that her leg has had some problems for years and that the knives helped. She said that cutting her eye also helped her leg. I asked her how that could be and she got out something that looked like the equipment that the eye doctors use to check the pressure in your eye. The thing with the blue light that blows air at your eye. She put it close to my face and I saw a blue light in front of my eye. I closed my eyes and felt something cut my eyelid. "there, just like that." she said and asked me how I felt. "good." I said but my eyelid was hurting a bit and I was glad I had closed my eyes.
That's all I remember of that dream.
I aslo dreamed I went to a school on a bike and was looking for the bike rack but I was having trouble staying awake. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and find a bike rack but it was too hard. I think I ended up falling asleep on the bike at the school.
Those were all last night.
The night before I dreamed I was with my daughter in a house, there was an old man there and my daughter climbed on his back. He fell over onto the floor. I checked his breathing and pulse, he was dead. I told my daughter to call 911 and I started doing CPR as best I could remember. He started breathing again, he sat up and started rambeling. Saying things that made no sense at all. My daughter handed me the phone and there was a 911 dispatcher on the phone. I told her that "grandpa" had died, I did CPR and he was breathing and talking but not making any sense. She told me to stay on the line. "Grandpa" wondered out of the room and I could hear him talking in the other room. The 911 dispatcher was nice but than a nasty officer got on the line and said he knew who I was and what kind of person I am, and talking like they shouldn't come help because I am menace to society. I told him that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. He said that his mistake was taking his daughter to the "Y" that day. I don't know what that was about, but I said, "see, no one knows everything, and you don't really know me at all." Officers showed up and went through the house looking for "Grandpa". One of them found him in the basement, dead. The officer said he looked as though he had been dead for days. I told him that's not possible because he was upstairs walking and talking 5 minutes ago.
Then the dream switched. Some sort of stage, an announcer. He was trying to introduce someone. He said ladies and gentelmen, here he is... JOHN MARK!" No one came out. He said it again and no one came out. A friend of his came out and said "JUAN MARCO!" Than someone came out and then the stage filled with water and tropical fish.
I don't know what that dream was all about but the names make me think of John Mark Byers, (as in step dad of one of 3 murdered kids in Arkansas, WM3 story) and of Don Juan De Marco (as is from the movie), who have nothing in common, but I don't know any John Mark or Juan Marco, so those are the people who come to mind when I hear the names.

25th January 2008

2:14pm: recurring dreams
For a couple of months I have had a dream about the brakes going out on the car, about once a week I have this dream. It is a little different each time, in that I am in a different place and the results of the brakes going out are different, and other people in the dream are different. The elements that are the same are, the brakes going out, having near misses on accidents or running someone over, or actually having car accident or running someone over.
Tuesday I had the brake pads replaced. (Just in case.) The pads were thin and did need replacing so I am glad I got that taken care of, but it didn't stop the dream. Last night I dreamed I was in the car driving in a parking lot when my daughter walked out in front of the car, I slammed on the brakes but the car didn't stop. I swerved sharply to the right, luckily I didn't hit her. I still couldn't stop the car though, so I called out for help and two men held onto the car and were able to get it to stop. Then my dream changed and I had other dreams.What is weird is I normally drive our van and not the car, my husband drives the car in reality, so why am I dreaming I am driving the car instead of the van?

I also keep having dreams about cheating on my husband, some dreams I am with someone who my subconscious has made up, other times its an ex boyfriend or former crush. I had one dream that my husband was cheating on me, but most of my dreams have been me cheating on him. I have no intention of cheating on him and never have but the dreams continue none the less.
Current Mood: curious

21st January 2008

10:40am: Dream Study!
There is a website for the show "Hero's" and the character Dr. Suresh has a dream study going on! I submited one of my dreams, thought others might be interested as well.


I love this show! The study could be cool!

17th January 2008

1:24pm: What Do You Have To Say? - My Sixth Grade Jam
What was your favorite song in sixth grade? What does it make you think of?

That would have been my first year of Middle school. I liked Vanilla Ice and The New Kids on the Block around that time. The songs remind me that I HAD to have BK shoes and hair spray my bangs way up in the air. Oh geeze, you had to go and remind me of that! lol
Current Mood: amused

6th January 2008

7:07am: Different Dream
I over use "weird dream" so I just made it Different Dream instead:

After a series of other dreaming...
A voice says urgently "Write it down!"
I see the cockpit of a plane with two men inside, assume pilot and co-pilot. Voice says "1780"
I see a small midsection of the plane behind the cockpit. Voice says "Sliding" Pause "Colliding"
I hear Morris code beeps like from Jericho
Voice says "Small island." pause "Off Caribbean." pause "Animals on island sick." Pause "Food contaminated." Pause "People can't survive."
"Write it down!"
Then I woke up

The other dreams I had right before that one were about a birthday party. There were a lot of people there. Family and friends. Adults and kids. It started out okay but turned into an adult themed orgy and the kids were still there and saw everything. Someone used balloons that are used to make balloon animals and made what looked like Pinocchio giving a man a blow job. People were laughing when they saw it, except for the kids. I popped the balloon and threw it away and looked at the people who were laughing and said "There are children here!" There was someone having sex in a corner of the house and there was porn on the TV. I turned off the TV and walked out of the house, very upset and trying to think of the best way to get those kids out of that household.
Then I saw my mom and sister. My mom was about to walk across a long and narrow bridge, it looked like a flat stone path; it stretched over miles of ocean. As I got closer to her I could tell she was nervous. She got closer to the path and fell to the ground right before she reached the path. I knew then she was terrified to cross that bridge over the water. I told her she didn't have to go across and I tried to help her get up but she was clinging to the ground. My sister stepped over and said she should go across. "Mom, you need to get over this fear, it's paralyzing you. You are not going to fall in the water..." I was looking at the bridge and thinking it looked pretty scary to me, I don't blame her for being terrified. I tried again to help her up, and told her to just turn around, not to go over the bridge. She still just clung to the ground staring at the water.
Then there were some people sitting in a circle talking about adjusting medications. I looked at some paper that had medicines listed and some of them checked off. I said "The medicines are fine; they don't need to be adjusted."
That is the point where the other dreams faded and I heard the voice that said "Write it down!" And I had the plane crash dream.

30th December 2007

3:03pm: Poker Night
Mike got me a poker chip set and a poker table top for Christmas. Would anyone be interested in a poker night? The table has cup holders and chip holders for up to eight people and I so if by some long shot too many people are interested we could split it up to two or three different nights.
I am thinking a Friday night sometime in the next month or two?
Little kids couldn't really play but they could come with you and play something else with Alistair and Adriana. We have lots of stuff to keep little ones occupied, they just have to leave the Gerbils alone though.
BYOB but don't plan on over doing it, there are little kids underfoot. I can provide some soda.

Details on date, time, address, and such will be worked out privately not posted on LJ. Contact me if you are interested.

*Edit Update*

Last month (February) I attempted to host a poker night. I won't be hosting another one for a long time. I waited to post this until I was over the initial upset so that I wouldn't sound too pouty. The reason I will not host another poker night was because of how miserably the get together failed. while many people said they wouldn't come either due to schedule conflicts or because they just don't play poker, 5 people said they would be there. I planned and prepared for a gathering with 5 or so guests and only one person showed up. Two of the people who didn't show up let me know what was going on and I understood thier reasons. One person didn't let me know and just didn't show up.

This has left me feeling non sociable and lacking in desire to host anything. The next thing I will be sending out invitations for will be my daughters birthday party at the end of August, and that will be mostly family. I don't think I will be attending very many get togethers either (with the exeption of family holiday stuff). I am not trying to pout, just feeling like right now I don't have many true friends. Thanks for understanding.

13th November 2007

9:50pm: Car accident
This morning on the way home from Adriana's swimming lessons we were in a car accident. Only Adriana and I were in the car at the time and neither of us were seriously hurt. The van was totaled though and the paramedics at the scene were in disbelief that neither of us were more seriously hurt looking at the vehicle damage. Literally they were in disbelief they transported us by ambulance to the ER and put a neck brace on Adriana and wouldn't let her move until the doctor said she was okay. They told me I wasn't in pain because I was in shock and that I would start feeling it soon. I am only a little sore though, on a scale of 1-10 my pain is a 2. Adriana's right arm was hurting but all x-rays of both of us show no broken or fractured anything. We are okay. Admittedly it sucks, (for lack of a better term), that we were in a car accident at all, and that the car is totaled but we certainly were blessed and protected today. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured and called me later to make sure Adriana and I were okay. Adriana was scared and upset at the time but is fine right now, she is running around the house and playing, just as hyper and playful as any day.
For those of you that want to know details on what happened:
I was driving Eastbound on West 72nd Ave. When I was driving through the intersection of 72nd and Carr an SUV that was traveling Westbound on West 72nd, made a left turn trying to turn onto Carr. I saw the car turning and tried to stop but it was too late to stop so I tried to swerve but it still hit us on the back left side of the van which pushed us into the light poll, the light poll smashed up the right side of the van. There is dispute over whether the light in the intersection I was driving through was green or red. I was certain that it was green but the officer and the insurance adjuster tell me that the driver of the SUV insists that I ran a red light. I was not ticketed however, and the other driver was, pending further investigation. So we will just have to see how that plays out.

I am still a little shaken even hours later but other than that I am extremely happy and feel very blessed that my little girl is just fine and that I am too. We will be in the market for a used minivan though, so if anyone knows of anything let me know. Thanks.
Current Mood: grateful

29th September 2007

8:39am: Clubhouse dream
Last night I dreamed...
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24th September 2007

2:44pm: Hostage dream
I dreamed I was on the upper floor of a nice house. I had just taken a shower and walked out of the shower into a bedroom, (my bedroom I guess). I heard a noise but I knew no one was home so it startled me. I went to the bedroom door and opened it a crack to look out and saw a man I didn't know just a couple of feet from the door. I gasped and started to quickly close the door. The man ran up and stopped me from closing the door, he pushed it open and looked at me. I hadn't dressed yet from getting out of the shower.
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20th September 2007

4:04pm: Super Bowl 2008
I am not a football fan and don't follow any of the games unless I have placed a bet. Last year I predicted the Bears VS Colts for the superbowl, but I was wrong about which team would win. I still think it was pretty good to predict which teams would make it when it was still pre-season. Unfortunateley only my husband, my step brother, and my father, new about my prediction so I can't exactely prove it. That was the closest I have ever come to being acurate about the super bowl outcome. So this year I am going to take the chance, I will post my prediction on LJ. Just please don't lynch me if you place a bet and I turn out to be wrong. This post is for entertainment purposes only!
I predict:
Super Bowl 2008
Eagles VS Patriots
Eagles win 42-24
I am thinking about placing an early bet on the Eagles for the super bowl because the odds make it pay off a lot this early. But I lost $20.00 on the Bears last Super Bowl, but because I placed it so early the odds were 25-1, if the Bears had won I would have made $500 off of $20. Oh well, can't win them all. That's close to what the odds are for the Eagles right now, I don't know, I may chance it. Then again, maybe I should put my money on the patriots since the Colts won this last one?
Last year I had a dream,this year I keep hoping for another dream but all I have is a feeling.
Current Mood: contemplative

19th September 2007

10:05am: Dreams last night...
Since I am on the subject of dreams today, I figured I should post the dreams I had last night. What I can remember of them anyway...
(behind cut for length)
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9:33am: Prophetic dreams?
A while back I dreamed that scientist found proof of life in space by finding a virus in space...


I wonder...

Also, about a week ago, before news of the typhoon in China, I dreamed about my family and I taking cover because a typhoon was coming our way. When I was telling my sister about the dream at the time I told her I thought it was odd that it was specificaly a typhoon NOT a hurricane. We discussed some of the symbolism in my dream of other aspects but now I am wondering if it was symbolic. Could it be?
Current Mood: curious

28th August 2007

5:56pm: What Do You Have To Say? - Photography: The Best Advice
What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?

I havn't gotten many tips, pictures are not a big hobby of mine, but the best tip I got was:
When taking a picture through glass, take the picture at an angle so that the flash doesn't reflect back at the camera blurring the picture. I did this and it worked for a good picture, the light happened to be good so that the picture didn't even look like there was glass in the picture at all.

(confession: The tip was not verbal, I was at a muesuem and I saw someone with professional equipment taking a picture through the glass. I just watched his angle and then just did what he did. The picture turned out great.)

14th August 2007

12:54pm: Harry Potter
Mike and I finally finished reading Book 7 last night. I know we are behind everyone else by a lot, but we were reading aloud together...
Continue only if you have finished the book
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9th August 2007

8:31am: Dream
I had many dreams last night, as usual, but the one that is sticking out for me in my mind is the only one I wasn't in. I was looking through someone elses eyes at some data from a telescope, I magnafied and looked and studied. I turned to someone else and said, "I think that is a virus of some type... in space." The other person studied and looked and looked and said, "whatever it is I think it is living, that means life away from earth!" Both looked at eachother in exitment. I wasn't looking through his eyes anymore I was me again and I was rushing off to tell me sister that there was now finally proof of life elsewhere and that it was maybe a virus. I kept thinking, "I predicted this! I knew they would find evidence of life this year!" Then it was just a dream. Oh well.

Of course I do realize that seeing a "Virus" in space through any kind of telescope would be impossible. It is just the prospect of evidence of life elsewhere that interests me.

23rd July 2007

9:13am: A Harry Potter conference
Might be a cool vacation plan for next summer?


18th July 2007

8:45am: Disjointed dream
I was in a place that was like a circus arena. I heard the ring leader reading a note to someone in his charge. He read he needed two spyro dragons and two of something else for the show. I don't recal what the something else was. After the two people left I went over and picked up the note. I looked around, my sister, my husband, my step-son, and my daughter were there. My sister had a camera and I asked her to take a picture of the note and I looked around for an artistic spot to set it. She suggested we take it into the "game room" with us and set it there on one of the tables to take a picture of it. I agreed, but we had to wait while the room was being set up. We knew we would be waiting a long time. Some man showed up, he was a little heavy set with a beard, he looked like a gamer to me. He asked where the games were. I told him it would be a long wait. He said he didn't have a long time to wait and that my step son had told him it was going to be at 3:30, and it was 3:30 now. I looked at my step-son questioningly. He avoided my eyes and looked away. I asked him where he got any idea that it would be at 3:30 and why he would tell this man that. He just shrugged. I looked at the man and said, "If you want to wait, you can wait with us. If you need to go I understand. I don't know why ____ told you it would be at 3:30."
He sat down to wait with us. Some woman came out and told us that the room was ready, she said if we opened the new games there is an extra charge. I don't know what the new games were but I gathered from peoples looks and murmers that we were planning to open the new games. She led us to a hallway and said it was the last door on the left. We went down the hall and went into the last door on the right. It was a bedroom that opened into a bath area. I told my sister we were in the wrong room. She said that this room leads into the other room and started walking around. I saw two twin beds seperated by a nightstand. I was looking at them when my Grandfather came up behind me and said, "This was Grandma and Grandpa's room when they lived in Delueth." I thought he might be talking about his own Grandma and Grandpa and not himself and my grandma, I turned to ask him more questions but saw that he was naked and just backed away from him. He looked at himself and realized that he was naked too and he curled up on the floor covering himself with his arms and hands. I walked out of the room. My sister was standing next to me. There was a long runner rug, we were standing on one end and someone came out on the other end, about 50 feet away. I couldnt see who it was but he pulled out a gun and shot me in the stomach. I fell to the ground. My sister bent down next to me and I yelled at her to run. She looked back at the gunman who was taking aim again. I yelled at her to run again. She ran just as the bullet was heading our way, I could see the bullet like it was in slow motion. I closed my eyes and played dead so he wouldn't shoot me again. Then I was placed into a dentist chair. They were going to pull my teeth. The dentist put a nitris oxide mask on me and it helped distract me from the pain of the bullet still in my stomach. I told the dentist, if he wasn't going to stop the bleeding or get me help, can he at least turn the nitris oxide up all the way. He did turn up the nitris and I felt like I was floating. I couldn't feel the pain anymore but I knew I was still dying. My came back and helped me out of the chair. She said she just talked to a friend who said that the bullet wound wasn't real. It was a psychic attack, not a real attack and I will live. She told me to stand up. She said if I focus I can make the wound disapear. I focused and looked and the blood and the wound were gone. Then I woke up.

10th July 2007

6:45pm: Wish I had known this...
This is the kind of thing I had in mind when I asked in my post, but alas, I allready ordered my tickets online for the AMC Promanade. Oh well, maybe next HP movie.

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